What used to take months and years now happens in days and hours. TIME IS COMPRESSING.

That’s why, according to PwC’s 21st Global CEO Survey, “70% of US CEOs say pressure is increasing to deliver more in shorter timeframes.”

How fast do you need to move? The answer is FASTER THAN THE RATE OF CHANGE. As a famous CEO pointed out, “If the rate of change INSIDE an organization is less than the rate of change OUTSIDE, the end is in sight.”

Our former client, Motorola, had a practical way to measure the external versus internal rates of change.

To determine the EXTERNAL rate of change, they had four indicators:

  1. The speed of competitors’ moves
  2. The change in consumer demand
  3. The change in customer needs
  4. The change in technology

They measured the internal rate of change by looking at:

  1. Leadership capability
  2. Strategic response time
  3. Organizational readiness to adapt

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Leland Russell
Founder / CEO
GEO Group Strategic Services