In his autobiography, Richard Branson explains how he earned billions of dollars because of his ability to spot key opportunities. Like other great leaders, Branson recognizes that opportunities are not something you wait for, they are something you search for.

The GEO Opportunity Search Model™ is a tool to Think Strategically about your opportunities. It focuses your attention on six key areas:

• Customer Needs – What are the articulated and unarticulated customer needs that are not being met? How could we meet them best?
• Competencies – Considering our core competencies, what are some potential untapped revenue opportunities?
• Market Trends – What trends are visible in the market? What potential new opportunities do these trends present?
• Differentiation – What is everyone else in our market space doing today? How could we differentiate what we offer?
• Economic Model – What is our current value proposition? How can we increase the perceived value and/or reduce the cost to provide it?
• Growth Spaces – What market spaces (niches, geographies, etc.) offer the most opportunities for long term growth?

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Leland Russell
Founder / CEO
GEO Group Strategic Services