Imagine trying to watch a baseball game through a knothole in a fence. A ball flies by your knothole. You have no idea what it means.

It’s not until you climb up and look at the whole playing field that you get a sense of what is really happening. You see the scoreboard. You know which inning it is, who is on base, who is in the batting box, and who has the momentum. The state of play is clear.

The same thing is true in the world at large. You can’t make sense of things with a narrow Knothole View. You need to SEE THE BIG PICTURE

This is the secret to a prescient perspective ― CONTEXT. Understanding the circumstances surrounding an event or idea helps you understand the implications and make smarter decisions.

Think about YOUR Big Picture. What is happening around you today in your organization, in your industry, and in the wider world? 

When you know the answers, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate the individual pieces of information as they arrive each day.

Thanks for exploring this GEO Leadership Action.

What are your key Takeaways?

I’ll look forward to your comments.

Leland Russell
Founder / CEO
GEO Group Strategic Services