We offer a new way to lead teams, departments, and whole organizations ― Facilitated Virtual Collaboration.

It is a powerful, proven force multiplier you can use to:

  • Shape and implement plans
  • Rapidly pivot and align actions
  • Make and execute more-informed decisions
  • Tap Collective IQ to solve complex problems
  • Sustain trust through real-time transparency

There are three keys to our Collaboration System success:

Collective IQ

Tapping the knowledge, experience and thinking styles of diverse groups

Iterative Process

Conducting multiple cycles of focal questions, fast feedback, and synthesis

Expert Facilitation

Helping participants increase the precision of their thinking and move to consensus

  • Balanced Participation – Everyone ‘says their piece’ via virtual tools
  • Focused Conversations – Virtual facilitator keeps discussions on point
  • Decision Consensus – Decisions are thoroughly discussed and vetted
  • Increased Commitment – Group decisions tend to be strongly supported
  • Meeting Efficiency – Spending less time in meetings with better outcomes
  • Balanced Participation – Everyone can ‘say their piece’ using the virtual tools
  • Focused Conversations – Deliberateness to the dialogue with a clear purpose
  • Decision Consensus – Decisions can be thoroughly discussed and vetted
  • Increased Commitment – Group decisions tend to be strongly supported
  • Group Efficiency – Spending less group meeting time with better outcomes
  • All-In-One Workspace – Easier to maintain alignment and accountability
  • Intuitive / Customizable – Easy to use and customize; system is open 24/7.

“We rapidly captured a wide spectrum of ideas — tapping our Collective Intelligence online works!”

“It’s an extremely effective way to get input and move through a tight agenda quickly. Very impressive!”

“I really like the iterative, short-burst approach; 60 minutes online equaled 2 hours of face-to-face.”

“This is a practical, cost-effective way to virtually engage our stakeholders in smart conversations.”

“We were able to align geographically dispersed action teams quickly and cost-effectively.”

“Our leaders made better decisions because they were getting real-time unfiltered information.”

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