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Why WebCouncil Increases Effectiveness

  • Broader engagement and deeper commitment
  • Smart strategic thinking without wasting time
  • Sharply focused planning that leverages resources
  • Rapid implementation with fast course corrections
  • Action Learning to develop new knowledge and skills


“During a severe industry-wide downturn, our sales organization’s Bookings and Purchases turned around. We met or exceeded all quotas.”

— Frank Robertazzi
VP Agilent Technology Worldwide Sales


“In 6 months from the start of the engagement , our Division’s comp sales moved from a negative to a positive sales growth of $60 million. During the same time other divisions saw zero or negative sales growth.”

— Ted Nagengast
Project Leader, McDonald’s Western Division

World Pulse

“GEO’s fierce focus on smart solutions had an incredible impact at World Pulse. GEO helped us build our capacity to amplify the power of the women we serve.”

— Jensine Larsen
CEO, World Pulse

International Leadership Association

“GEO facilitated our board retreat, coached us on execution, and pushed us to achieve more than we thought possible.”

— Shelly Wilsey
Director, International Leadership Association


“GEO’s virtual strategy planning system delivered outstanding ROI results. Within a year, profits were up 58%, Return on assets was up 60%, Headcount was down 10%.”

— Ed Jones
CFO, Weyerhaeuser Industrial Planning