The faster you act, the higher your probability of success.


New circumstances require new ways of working and leading


Virtual collaboration can be fast and deliver real-time results.

“Future’s no option, calls for adoption,

When things change, we rearrange.”

―Excerpt from Leland Russell’s “GEO Strategy Rap”

Strategic Services for a New Era

GEO provides three cutting-edge services: 

  • Implementing best practices for Accelerated Actions among leaders, project teams, and cross-boundary groups.
  • Embedding Adaptive Leadership knowledge and skills to foster new ways of thinking, planning and executing.
  • Designing and facilitating Virtual Collaboration sessions that bridge critical thinking and decision-making gaps. 

a stellar track record of delivering OUTSTANDING results.

Success During A Downturn

“During a severe industry-wide downturn, our organization’s Bookings and Purchases (our key sale measures) turned around. We met or exceeded all quotas.”

—Frank Robertazzi 
VP Agilent Technology Worldwide Sales

Delivered Outstanding ROI Results

“GEO’s virtual strategic planning process delivered outstanding ROI results. Within a year, profits were up 58%, Return on assets was up 60%, Headcount was down 10%.”

— Ed Jones 
CFO Weyerhaeuser Industrial Planning

$60 million Sales Growth in 6 Months

“In 6 months from the start of the engagement , our Division’s comp sales moved from a negative to a positive sales growth of $60 million. During the same time other divisions saw zero or negative sales growth.”

— Ted Nagengast 
Project Leader McDonald’s Western Division

GEO Clients

Trusted by Great Organizations

We’ve delivered results for a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. 
Below are a few of the great organizations we’ve served.




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